BVSA Assessment statements for the 2022-2023 fiscal year were mailed out to the address of the property owner on file on May 27th.

Payments are due July 1st but have a grace period for payment through July 31, 2021.

These annual assessments pay for the many amenities we enjoy in Bear Valley Springs, as well as the management of those amenities and the ECC staff to administer the architectural review process as outlined in the C&R’s.

These amenities include: Golf course & Pro Shop, Whiting Center, baseball/soccer fields, 2 lakes, 3 playgrounds, 2 restaurants & saloon, Equestrian Center, riding & hiking trails, pool, dog park, campgrounds, shooting range, Kawaiisu Preserve, model airplane field, nature path, & tennis/pickleball courts, as well as coordination of sports leagues, youth camps & events.

The annual Assessment also includes an amount to be placed in reserves to pay for the upkeep of the BVSA's buildings, equipment, and other assets. As required by the Davis-Stirling Act an independent audit of the BVSA's buildings, equipment, and related assets is conducted every 3 years. The auditors generate a report of all the assets and an estimated time frame of their life expectancy with an estimate of what it will cost to replace that item. This helps determine when major projects will be done and allows us to save money over time for projects.

This year's Assessment includes a one-time $19 special assessment per property to pay for the expansion of the Mulligan Room kitchen. The Mulligan Room Patio Renovation was paid out of reserve funds. While there are individual pieces of kitchen equipment up for replacement with reserve funds, the construction cost to expand the Mulligan Room is not currently available in the reserve funds. Therefore, the Board voted to add the special assessment to this fiscal year's budget. Some have asked why this was not done during the Patio Rennovation. Members will remember that the primary impetus for the patio expansion was the closure of indoor dining during Covid. The goal at the time was to ensure that we would have ample outdoor seating no matter what indoor dining restrictions may come in the future. Additionally, the Board was sensitive to adding a special assessment during the pandemic.

Attached is a graphic showing the $1776 yearly assessment by Department. A supplemental Bear Tracks with the complete budget for the year and financial disclosures will be mailed to each property owner.

Online payments can be made here by clicking "Make a Payment." To avoid a 2.95% credit card processing charge, checks or money orders can be made out to BVSA. No cash will be accepted and no credit card payments will be taken at the BVSA office. The 2-payment and 4-payment plans are only available to those who make their FIRST payment on, or before, July 31, 2022.

Should you have additional questions relating to assessment payments, feel free to contact the BVSA office at 661-821-5537 X218 or email