Bear Valley Springs Association

Trail System

The jewel of Bear Valley Springs is the 55+ mile trail system, which has trails of varying difficulty from flat open meadows to very technical high mountain terrain.

See a Trail Concern as you are riding or hiking? Let the Trail Crew know!
Please text the Trial Crew at 661-866-5892 with the location and a photo of the trail concern.

Updates from the Trail Crew

4/10 - Foothill Trail has been repaired. See home page for photos.
3/9-The bridge at the Sycamore Canyon Trailhead was repaired this week after being washed out in the recent storm. See home page for details.
2/16-Leveling work has been done on both the Church Trail & Oak Slope Trail. See home page for photos.
1/27 - The Hart Loop Trail remains closed due to a home site project. We apologize for the inconvenience.
1/3 - During the recent storm, the bridge/culvert near Columbia/Bear Valley Church has been washed out. Please avoid the area. As a reminder, please do not ride horses on trails have dried out to avoid damaging trails.
12/5-Trail Maintenance is in progress on the Upper Valley Meadow Trails. The trails remain open but may be uneven so please use caution.
11/29-Friendly reminder from the BVS Trail Crew for the winter months: Please respect our trail system amenity and refrain from riding horses during and after unfavorable weather.
Please allow ample time for OUR trails to dry out before trail riding. Riding horses on wet, muddy, or snow covered trails will cause damage to the footing.
10/24-The Eagle Scout Bridge behind the Fire Station has been renovated making it wider and rails have been added! It is now open for riding! Thank you to the volunteers & donors who made this a reality!
10/13-Bridge Under Construction - The Eagle Scout Bridge and horse trail behind the Fire Station will be closed for the next several days due  to bridge renovation. See home page for photos.
9/29-Sycamore Canyon Trail has been cleared. See home page for photos.
9/19 - Road to High Country Park has been cleared. See home page for photos.
9/1-Trees have been cleared in Upper Sycamore Canyon and weeds have been cleared on the trail near the the road at Water Canyon Campground. See home page for photos.
8/12 - As a follow up to last week's post - Beason Stage Stop on the Oak Canyon Trail is OPEN!
8/11 - High Country Trail from Jacaranda to Stirrup is OPEN
Yesterday marked a tremendous change in the direction for the Trail Crew team! We were field testing professional grade electric battery powered equipment, mitigating the risks associated with transporting fuel on our trails.  Please hike and trail ride your High Country Trail!

8/5/22 - Beasom Stage Stop on Oak Canyon Trail is OPEN. We removed dead branches to improve the safety for hikers and trail riders. Additional trail maintenance will be completed early next week.

The BVS Trail Committee is seeking volunteers to help maintain our trails. If you are interested please email  Trail Scouts will have a variety of activities to choose from like raking, pruning, weed whacking, shoveling or just hiking and reporting trail conditions. In order to help with trail maintenance the BVSA requires each Trail Scout to sign a Release of Liability form and bring a copy of your current Home Owners Insurance declaration page to the BVS Association Office.  Looking forward to hearing from you, Happy Trails!

Download and Print Trail Map

  • Horses have the right of way on trails.
  • Bicycles or other wheeled conveyances are prohibited on horse trails.
  • Dogs must be on leash.
  • Guests with horses must visit the Equestrian Center with a member prior to riding to fill out a Release of Liability and pay applicable guest fees before entering the trails.